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Hour A Day Entrepreneur Book
Hour A Day Entrepreneur Book

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This book is a powerful resource that covers real-world lessons learned in the trenches so that you can get more done while working less.Just some of what you will discover:

  • Discover the Ultimate Secret That ALL Rich and Successful Entrepreneurs Use

  • Get An Extra Hour of Productive Work A Day By Using Three Tools

  • Advanced Strategies To Maximize Your Most Valuable Asset ... Your Time

  • Find A Way To Overcome Procrastination And Tap Into Boundless Energy

  • Take Advantage of The MOST IMPORTANT Time Management Technique…

  • Get Rid Of Time Vampires and Re-Take Control Of Your Calendar

  • Eliminate Procrastination and Never Again Feel Guilty About Your To-Do List

  • Utilize The Single Best Goal Setting Technique Ever

  • Develop A Personal "Hour-a-day" Plan To Get You On The Fast Track… While Blasting Through Your Own Limits

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praise for the Hour A Day Entrepreneur

Here are a few stories from individuals who have experienced firsthand the transformative power of this book and its strategies.

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It is my joy to provide this testimonial and endorsement of my friend Henry J. Evans. I have seen how he conducts himself and have seen that he has a very good and giving heart to genuinely help entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of getting more done in less time. Read the book, and if you get an opportunity to work with Henry or attend one of his live events, don’t hesitate to take action.John Assaraf
New York Times Best-Selling Author, CEO, PraxisNow

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Being an entrepreneur is about who you are, not just what you do. However, Henry did, in fact, escape the corporate world and ramp up a successful business with just an hour a day. He’s the real deal.Most people make woefully disorganized and unproductive use of their time and talents, so a well-managed and well-invested hour can equal eight, nine or 10 ordinary ones. To that end, I recommend Henry and his book as good burr under your saddle.Dan Kennedy
World's Most Expensive Marketing Strategist, Author Of More Than 12 Best-Selling Books

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Henry is all about freedom. The freedom to work for yourself and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and never be a wage slave again. But most important, it’s also about achieving that freedom with zero risk. Most people think the only way to be an entrepreneur is to dramatically quit your job. In this economy, that’s just plain stupid.Henry gives you a step-by-step blueprint on how to build your new venture, while still in your job, for just an hour a day. So the day you do quit your job, you’re already a successful entrepreneur (which will make your boss even more annoyed).Plus, if you’re already a business owner and have moved beyond the hour-a-day phase, Henry J. Evans is one of the smartest marketers I know, and this book is packed with strategies and ideas that can only make you money.Chris Cardell
Founder, Cardell Media LLC

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I know what it takes to succeed in being an author, being on TV, and launching new products. Henry distills what it really takes to succeed, and gives actionable shortcuts so you can get results faster.Whether you’re a current entrepreneur like me, or whether you want to get out of the rat race, Henry’s advice is invaluable.Cindy Whitmarsh
ExerciseTV Trainer, Author & Fitness Expert, Cindy Whitmarsh Fitness


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Who is Henry J. Evans?Entrepreneur, author, speaker, husband and father to two wonderful girls, Henry J. Evans has been involved in getting results with sales and marketing for over 20 years.Henry grew up in Youngstown, New York (population 1,872) where he learned how to program a Radio Shack Color Computer at age 8. He was the first student in his entire school district to do a report printed on a home PC in the 5th grade (after his cat erased it and made him start over). He began his sales and marketing training working for Warren Buffet by selling the “Buffalo Evening News” at age 14.He has been successful on the front lines and in leadership capacities in software companies, hardware companies, commercial real estate firms, and manufacturing organizations. He’s successfully marketed and sold everything from newspapers to office buildings, kitchen remodeling to enterprise software licenses, and cutlery to tactical targets.Henry has been able to excel in all of these due to a unique combination of sales and marketing savvy, technological aptitude and a “make it happen” attitude.He has had responsibility for generating tens of millions in sales and has engineered a $189k payday in 90 minutes. His experience spans from the heart of Washington, D.C., successfully working with clients such as the US Department of Labor and Executive Office of the President of the United States, down to working with the highest Yelp-rated spa in all of San Diego county.He has been involved in volunteering with the Board of Directors of the YMCA and helping small business owners throughout the world.Henry’s passion is improving things and making them better.He is a life-long learner, a huge believer in continual self-improvement and is currently involved in three different businesses, has created over 17 web sites and taken more than 25 products to market.